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The services below are provided with great customer service, and since we are local our techs pick up the phone, work remotely and do onsite services.  We have relationships with our clients and aren't just a voice on the other side of the phone speaker or computer screen, and as always we treat all our clients with the same respect, patience and care they deserve.


Whether you are a small business or residence we can monitor and maintain your computer remotely, that includes all updates, and a host of important checks.

Onsite Services

Need a server, computer or network setup?  Computer acting slow? See if an upgrade makes sense – we can do it all. 


Apple or Android, we can help with both.  Need to connect to your office email to your phone, advice on which new phone to get, let us know.

Wiring Cleanup

Messy wiring can cause heat bulidup, and be a chore when trying to troubleshoot an issue.  We can mount all your equipment on a rack and organize it all for you.

Remote Support

Clients are amazed on how much we can fix remotely.  If your internet is working we can more than likely fix the issue from afar.


Need some advice on technology issues?  Planning on upgrades or a new network?  We can help.

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